10ac50787d9f14e633f4bbe9869849fd.jpgWelcome! Thank you for visiting “Follow your Song,” My name is Anne-Marie Wiesman. My goal is to create a community of survivors of all forms of abuse. A community of survivors who can support, learn and heal together through the use of EFT tapping and other healing techniques. A place where survivors can share stories of hope, inspiration and healing while supporting one another so that no survivor ever feels alone. This site was created to introduce EFT as a tool toward your path to recovery.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping” as some like to refer to it. EFT was created by Gary Craig in the 90’s and has changed many lives for the better since that time. It is my hope that EFT can change your life for the better too. EFT has only recently gained the National recognition it deserves through the work of Nick Ortner, at The www.thetappingsolution.com. Nick debuted EFT on Dr. Oz. and it has now brought this amazing tool to the masses which was Gary Craig’s initial goal. EFT is now being accepted by many therapists and even doctors as a valuable therapeutic and healing tool.

The great thing about EFT is that it can be used for everything by anybody. It is recommended that you try it for everything! The mind body connection is a fascinating thing that we are only just beginning to realize the importance of. Do you have pains in your body? What emotional aspect may be underneath? You might be surprised at what you find. EFT can help you to explore the connection between your emotions and physical manifestations within your body. As well as exploring emotional blocks that are currently having a negative affect on your life.

The incredible benefits that EFT has brought to myself and many others, you can experience too. It has helped in the recovery for many, including me. It is a tool that can be used to change your life. This site is meant to be a place of learning, growth and support while you set out on your path of recovery. I will share EFT techniques and scripts as well as other things that have helped me on my healing journey in hopes that they will help you as well. The journey for me continues and as they say in recovery, “You never graduate.”

Life can feel pretty lonely when you begin this work especially when the people in your life may want you to stay just as you are because it works for them. You may feel like something is wrong with you? Maybe you never really fit with them? Maybe you always felt different? Your family and friends may not be interested in supporting your growth, change, healing and recovery. Just like in any recovery work you may have to make new friends, and maybe even family. Surrounding yourself instead with people who support your growth and change and represent what you want for your life. They say “you become like the people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely.” I’ve found this to be very true and as you change and grow for the better the people you will attract and want to spend your time with will as well.

60a4ff4916de3f8293c7cccd51226e01.jpgAs you grow and change through your recovery work you may simply outgrow certain people. Especially people who are accustomed to telling you what to do, “shoulding” on you and maybe even controlling you. Even god gives us free will and no one has the right to abuse or try to control us. Thank them from within for the lessons and continue moving forward. This is a place to find your value and your voice. To learn to set up healthy boundaries with others. To love and accept yourself just as you are right where you are. It is a journey and “you never get it done.”

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This is tough stuff. Deciding that your life is no longer working and that you want to take control over your life and change your life for the better is not easy. It will basically require you to question and unlearn all of the BS you have been fed. There is denial, pain and grief that will have to be faced. You may end up alone with no family or old friends, but I speak from experience in that for every person that you outgrow, or that you will no longer allow to control or abuse you, they will be replaced with so many others that love, cherish and accept you. I will not say it will be easy, but I will say it will be worth it and you are worth it!

You will be setting an example of recovery. You may even bring hope to other survivors by showing that it can be done. If you have children you will be setting a priceless example and possibly keeping them from ending up where you did or having to go through the pain you’ve experienced. That alone is, in my opinion, worth every loss in spades and all the pain. You very well may be the first person, as was I, and many others who have recovered to end the cycle of abuse that generations have not had the courage to face, let alone change and put an end too.
This is a place for you to know you are not alone, that you can do this and life can be better for you. Even if others can’t or won’t support you along the way. This is a place of understanding and acceptance. You are not alone. You deserve to be happy. You can have the life of your dreams. You can grow and heal. You can end the cycle. You are exactly where you need to be. This site was created for you and other survivors in light and love.

So follow your song! Your song is that gut feeling, your intuition, your instinct, a knowing. Let your song flow and be free.





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