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Welcome to Follow Your Song! My blog was created to share some personal stories, some client stories and some inspirational stories that you will hopefully relate to regarding Childhood sexual abuse, Narcissistic abuse and Domestic violence. I will share information about recovery and healing from all forms of abuse. Also, stories about people who are making a difference out there through their work involving Childhood sexual abuse, Narcissistic abuse and Domestic violence. This is meant to be a place to provide tools and resources, as well as a place for people to connect with one another while sharing what has helped them on their healing journey.

I will warn everyone now though that I’m very sarcastic, a sass mouth and I swear occasionally. If you do not have a sense of humor, this is not the place for you. Humor is important to recovery. You will need your sense of humor and as they say, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry. Don’t get me wrong crying is good. You can plan to do lots of crying, tears are healing and tears are welcome here, but we can make this recovery journey fun, as well as healing. We can learn to laugh at ourselves and others as we figure this whole recovery thing out together. Hey it took us a while to get so screwed up right? It’s going to take some time to heal and recovery. So go easy on yourself and always remember you are not alone and you will get through this!

To the grammar police out there beware. Look, I grew up in the LA County school district. I’m not sure what the LA County population was back then, but it’s over 6 million people now. I’m super old so it must have been less back then, either way it was over crowded and underfunded. I may have slipped through the cracks. My 4th grade teacher let us spend the entire year trading stickers and dancing on our desks while she played her beloved Elvis records. Is that the year you learn fractions? I still can’t get those down.

I have bad grammar, I admit it. Yet I still managed to have AP English in high school and get an A. Figure that one out…Despite my atrocious grammar, I still know a few big words i.e. atrocious, I’m a pretty decent speller, although I lost my third grade spelling bee to the word Elephant…Sounded like an F, who knew?  Hopefully you can forgive my grammar faux pas and hear the message that I hope to bring which is Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope to those recovering from all forms of abuse, survivors like myself.

Hopefully some of you can benefit from the tools and wisdom that have helped me along the way. I had tried since the age of 18 every form of therapy available. Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration. I didn’t try shock therapy or a lobotomy, but you get the picture. Some forms of therapy that that I did try were cognitive, behavioral, talk therapy, EMDR and even medication. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill my friends. While I found some relief and I’m grateful I did, nothing truly changed until I was introduced to EFT Tapping via an internet search 9 years ago.

At first I tried it on myself and children while going through my divorce. Later I worked with a practitioner, that is when the changes really began. Such dramatic changes in fact that I knew this tool was something that needed to be shared with other survivors like myself. That is when I decided to pursue the training and become a practitioner myself. I learned through my work with clients that I am an empath. It was by accident really and later confirmed, as one of client’s exclaimed, “oh you’re an empath.” I had no idea what the term meant and quickly looked it up later that evening. I had been told over the years I was sensitive and I knew I was, but I had never really heard of the term empath.

As I read more information on being an empath, suddenly many things started to really make sense for me. It helped explain why I felt different from others over the years and why I could feel other people’s pain. It also explained why some people thought I was too sensitive and needed to “grow a thicker skin,” as my father once told me. I am in fact an empath and I feel it gives me a connection and advantage when working with clients especially on clearing out issues that may be unconscious. As for my father, if I spoke to him I would say that no amount of skin would ever get me to accept or tolerate violence or abuse.

My hope is that you find this blog helpful in your recovery of all forms of abuse, including Narcissist and utilize the scripts available to help you on your healing journey. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me. Best wishes on your healing journey. Anne-Marie Wiesman

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