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Beautiful Voices I’m so grateful to be a part of The Beautiful Voices series. It has inspired me to start a series for those who are Following Their Song by ending the generational cycle of violence, saying no more to abuse in any form and setting the example for others to follow, by paving their own path. If you or ...

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Enablers, flying monkeys and cowards

There are many names out there for those that help abusers to do what they do. Abusers do not operate in a vacuum. They have a team of accomplices that help them with their dirty work. These accomplices are the family members and people that help the abuser to abuse.  In many cases they are not just the abusers family ...

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Narcissistic Mother EFT Tapping Script

I just shared a meme which asked “What did your Narcissistic Mother say?” I know for myself this brought up some painful memories for me and may for you as well. I took a moment for some self care afterward and did some EFT Tapping on the subject to release some of the pain around what came up. If you ...

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Abuse and the family system

I have this cousin god is she gorgeous. Unfortunately she allows men to treat her horribly and abuse her. I won’t get into the details, but what she has gone through is horrendous. I always wonder what had to happen to her to ever allow it to happen. Why is she attracting these sort of relationships? Why is this her ...

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There are no victims here

Victim, it’s an interesting word. At first it makes you feel validated for the hell you have been through, But later it makes you feel offeneded. I remember thinking “ I’m no victim.”Neither are you my friend. What has happened is horrible, it should not have happened. I’m in no way trying to minimize the very real pain that is ...

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