Talk about it!

Abuse, I never talked about it, any of it. It was my dirty little secret. My shame that I carried with me everywhere I went. I was dirty, because what I had done was dirty and wrong. In my family, possibly like yours, everything was swept under the rug. It wasn’t talked about and if you did talk about it, ...

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“Dummy Up, Kid”

My mother used to say that,” dummy up, kid.” There are still days I haven’t. I do this approval seeking from others that are incapable of giving it thing. Why do I do it? Especially knowing before I even do it, that they just aren’t capable? I haven’t gotten that one down yet, when will I learn? I will set out purposefully as I ...

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If I cuss will I go to hell?

There is some power in it, the words you use. Especially when it comes to profanity. It’s taboo, nice people don’t cuss, especially women. I can assure you now that if you are like me you are probably very nice, a woman and guess what nice people do cuss.There are times when using EFT that a feeling so strong comes ...

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There are no victims here

Victim, it’s an interesting word. At first it makes you feel validated for the hell you have been through, But later it makes you feel offeneded. I remember thinking “ I’m no victim.”Neither are you my friend. What has happened is horrible, it should not have happened. I’m in no way trying to minimize the very real pain that is ...

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Doing the recovery work, you never graduate.

Are you doing the work? Why doing the work is so important! Louise Hay is my idol. That woman knows her stuff! Louise is such an incredible gift to the world with the healing gifts she teaches others. If anyone out there doubts her work or thinks it woo woo. I dare you to stand in front of a mirror and say, “I ...

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Hello world!

Welcome to Follow Your Song! My blog was created to share some personal stories, some client stories and some inspirational stories that you will hopefully relate to regarding Childhood sexual abuse, Narcissistic abuse and Domestic violence. I will share information about recovery and healing from all forms of abuse. Also, stories about people who are making a difference out there through their work involving Childhood sexual abuse, ...

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