Childhood sexual abuse

Survivor as a parent

Having a child is the greatest joy, just as it is said. All the clichés about how you have never really known love until you know the love of your child, you’ll be walking around with your heart outside of your body, all of them are true. When they placed my daughter in my arms she was crying, I looked up ...

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Releasing the shame

I’m reposting this blog for those who didn’t see it to go along with the EFT tapping video I just released on Tapping on shame. I’ve decided that I’m ready to release some shame I’ve been carrying for very long time. I’ve not told the story I’m about to share with anyone other than my husband. When I was 6 years ...

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Recovery is a process, go easy on yourself.

Recovery begins at different times for everyone, but it never ends. You may have times in your life when you are working on your recovery and times when you are not, but growth and change are inevitable. For me personally, my recovery journey began at the age of 18. Yours may have begun long ago, or you may just be ...

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Talk about it!

Abuse, I never talked about it, any of it. It was my dirty little secret. My shame that I carried with me everywhere I went. I was dirty, because what I had done was dirty and wrong. In my family, possibly like yours, everything was swept under the rug. It wasn’t talked about and if you did talk about it, ...

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If I cuss will I go to hell?

There is some power in it, the words you use. Especially when it comes to profanity. It’s taboo, nice people don’t cuss, especially women. I can assure you now that if you are like me you are probably very nice, a woman and guess what nice people do cuss.There are times when using EFT that a feeling so strong comes ...

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