Disclaimer for EFT Testimonials: These testimonials are based on individual experiences and their results through personally using EFT Tapping during sessions or through our EFT Tapping circles. While studies are being done on the benefits of EFT Tapping, it is still a fairly new modality. As with anything it is possible that you may experience no results at all. While we are sharing these specific testimonials and other success stories included on our website, through our writings and on our videos, we do not claim that you will achieve similar or the same success, as individual results vary.

As a Alcoholic in recovery I had guilt around what my children went through before my recovery. Anne-Marie worked with me on releasing the shame and guilt I was carrying. After our sessions together I felt lighter and I was in a much better place to continue a healthier relationship with my children based on who I am now, not who I was. Anne-Marie helped me discover that what I did, is not who I am and I was finally able to forgive myself. The forgiveness was priceless to myself and my children.



Scottsdale, AZ

January 18, 2016

I had moved several times during my early school years and because of that I was faced with meeting new people and making new friends each time. Due to some shyness, this did not coming easily for me as a child. I was an introvert and slightly awkward around new kids and I felt rejected by other kids. I had been carrying the sadness around that and also a fear of rejection as an adult with me. Anne-Marie helped me recognize where it all stemmed from and helped me to release my fear of rejection. We ended the session with hypnosis and I found myself feeling free of this long held fear of rejection for the first time since I could remember. I continued my work with Anne-Marie on many other issues and always felt relief after. My family and friends noticed a big change in me for the better. I found myself enjoying life more and  feeling so much better too.

Mike Owen

Hampton, NH

January 12, 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Anne-Marie on some of my own struggles that I was personally facing as well as referring many others to work with her for issues they were dealing with also. Through my work with her and through speaking with those that I have referred to work with her, one thing that has stood out is her compassionate approach to everyone she works with no matter what they are facing.  I’m glad to have met her and to have been able through our work together to gain some healing and help others to gain some healing too.

Rachael Fowler

January 12, 2016

Anne-Marie has an authentic gift of healing to share through her work with Emotional Freedom Technique. I have witnessed several Participants of her tapping circle make peace with inner issues that have been unlocked through her compassionate guidance. She is a joy to work with and we are lucky to have her sharing what she knows with us at bliss.

Tish Voit, Director, bliss Spiritual Co-op

Mount Pleasant, SC

January 12, 2016

After unexpectedly losing my husband I suffered severe guilt over not being with him at his time of passing. The guilt was almost crippling. Dealing with it daily on top of the grief was almost to much to bear. Through Anne-Marie’s gentle guidance, I was able to release the guilt and forgive myself. After our session I felt a greater sense of peace which was a much needed comfort.

Diane Murray

January 12, 2016

Tapping was a completely new concept to me before attending a group session by Anne Marie. Her ability to make me feel at ease was a blessing.  Her gift of intuition broke open my soul and eliminated barriers I did not realize I was confined by. I have done PTSD with EMDR in the past with great success in cleaning my soul of a sexual assault. Tapping through Anne Marie’s guidance was a beautiful addition to building my self awareness and worth. Thank you, Anne Marie, for sharing your gift with us!

Kristy Dominiak

Author of The Shaken Snow Globe

January 7, 2016

I brought my child to work with Anne-Marie over a grief issue that he was having. My son tends to hyper focus and ruminate. So when he was unable to stop obsessing over a recent family death, I became concerned. Without using many words Anne-Marie was able through the use of a “Tappy Bear” connect with my son and find the words for all that he was feeling, but not able to fully verbalize. As soon as Anne-Marie met my son they had a special connection, she even mouthed silently to me “Asperger’s” with a gentle smile on her face. A few months later after working with Anne-Marie, we finally after years of me feeling something was off, received an actual diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.  How she knew what the doctors had missed for so many years was beyond me. Thanks to Anne-Marie’s help I finally felt validated and knew that with this diagnosis I could get the proper plan in place to give my son the best life possible.

Renee Montrose

Boston, MA

January 7, 2016

I had a session with Anne-Marie in which she was able to connect with my much younger self and pull up feelings and emotions of a young girl (me) who was deeply hurt. A hurt that affected my relationship with others to this day. I was amazed at her ability to pull up feelings I was completely unaware of, but that resonated so deeply with me. I felt so much calmer after our session together and felt that a very old wound was finally healed. I noticed an immediate change in my relationships with others. I was no longer acting out of a wounded place, but instead from a place of peace.

Hanna Davidson


January 7, 2016

Since working with Anne-Marie I had the first happy Christmas and New Year that I can ever remember. Since we have met I have hardly hated myself at all. Not sure whether I can say I love myself, but I can now say it without hardly scoffing at all. Everyone has noticed how much better I am. I didn’t think I believed in what you do for people, and here I am feeling better than I thought was possible. Thank you so much and please know that you have done something for me that I can never repay!

Tim Shaw

January 7, 2016

I worked with Anne-Marie using EFT Tapping followed by hypnosis for a medical issue I was facing regarding fears I was having around an upcoming scan for a spot on my lung. Through the use of the EFT Tapping Anne-Marie was able to remove my fears around the spot and replace them with a belief that my body had the ability to heal itself, which I already believed, but it was nice to have that belief reinforced. At the end of my EFT Tapping session Anne-Marie said she was overcome by a strong desire to do hypnosis for the spot on my lung and asked if I would be open to doing it, I said yes. As I was brought into hypnosis she focused on doing a healing hypnosis with a healing white light focused on the spot on my lung. After about a minute of the white light being focused on the spot on my lung, I began to cough uncontrollably and in turn popped myself right out of hypnosis. I continued coughing as Anne-Marie grabbed me a glass of water and the coughing subsided. I was a little in shock as we both looked at each other a bit stunned at what had just occurred. We ended the session with her reassurance that my body knows exactly what to do to heal itself and a hug. I told Anne-Marie I would be having a second scan in  couple weeks and she asked that I please let her know how it went. A week and a half later as I sat for my scan I felt surprisingly calm. During my scan the doctor said to me “Debbie I don’t know what has happened, but the spot is completely gone.” I couldn’t wait to let Anne-Marie know! Anne-Marie has a special gift and I am grateful to have worked with her and to have receive the wonderful healing experience that I had.

Debbie Bernard

January 4, 2016

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