Domestic Violence

wash_854-1113vv-nvDomestic Violence is about so much more than violence. In her article “Recovering from Domestic Violence”, Gail Kielson describes the effects of domestic violence so clearly, “Trauma wreaks havoc with the body and the soul. The more protracted the trauma, the more entrenched the impact. The by-product of living with trauma is that it takes up residence in the body, settles into the pores, the muscles and attaches itself to the organs. The body becomes the receptacle—it remembers pain, senses danger, shakes, reacts to anything that is a reminder of that trauma. Often, cognition and conscious thought takes a back seat, leaving the body there to respond to the danger.


The body’s memory has a long shelf life. Even as the trauma abates, the danger diminishes and the traumatic event/s becomes past history, the body remembers, and all that is needed is a trigger that catapults the body back to the time of danger. A hairpin replication is often enough to cause a flashback, the frozen memory and there she is back in time, unprotected, terrified. “I am in danger. I am trapped. This feels awful.”


Living with ongoing traumatic events that are life-altering and life threatening require unusual means of coping. One becomes hyper-vigilant, always on the alert, ready for danger. This is often a necessity, an insurance policy that may offer protection. Yet it is difficult to sustain these emotions and consequently the person who lives with danger opts for numbness. Survivors of domestic violence have some level of post-traumatic stress disorder, a natural response from living with trauma.”


This is where EFT can truly aid in your recovery. These traumatic events get stored in the mind and body; these traumas can occur even if no physical contact is ever made. If there is a threat and a belief that you will be harmed, the body responds by going into fight or flight mode. To the body the danger is very real. This is when trauma gets stored in the body. EFT can unblock and release the trauma, thus allowing healing to begin by freeing your mind and body of these stored traumas.


Control is not love! Love is meant to be unconditional, which is something abusers know nothing about.If you were like me, you may have thought that Domestic Violence meant walking around with black eyes, when it can actually be much more insidious than that. A shove from the chest, being physically knocked down or a punch to the wall next to your head, while no bruises may occur, these instances can be just as traumatic to the mind and body as if you had actually been punched. The threat and the fear are very real. The body stores this and it can manifest as pain or illness within the body. EFT tapping can help release the pain and bring relief to the body and mind.


Healing and recovery from Domestic Violence is different for each survivor. While there are some commonalities among domestic violence survivors, each person’s needs and recovery process is different. EFT can help to explore the different aspects that a domestic violence survivor faces, including fear and self blame, as well as the trauma. Although it may take time and be difficult, every survivor can move through the healing process and recover from domestic violence. You have the ability to heal from traumatic experiences, particularly if you receive support and have time to heal and grow. I hope you will utilize EFT Tapping as a tool in your recovery and with it find the healing and recovery that myself and many others have found.

Wishing you well on your healing journey Anne-Marie Wiesman



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