Earth Angels Do Exist

There are everyday people acting as angels for us. I had heard that, but I’m not sure if I fully believed it. They exist, they are real and I got confirmation of that last night on my American Airlines flight 5114 from Charlotte, North Carolina to Charleston, South Carolina.

I had stayed strong for those around me with a smile on my face upon my return home and stay this last week in Los Angeles. And while I won’t get into details, it’s been a very trying week. I was able to maintain the composure that I had held all week on my first flight out of Los Angeles. It was on my last flight of the day to Charleston that all of that changed.

Charleston, which has become home for me now, it is a city that has embraced and enveloped me like a warm southern hug. It is the first place I have felt truly accepted just as I am, right where I am. I have been welcomed and cared for in a way previously foreign to me.

As the announcement came over the speaker, this is flight 5114 headed to Charleston, SC if you do not wish to be on this flight, now is your chance to deplane. Questions flooded my tired mind. Was I ready to go home? Should I turn back? Maybe I shouldn’t have left. Is too late to change my mind? A rush of panic washed over me.

I was headed home where I can let down my guard and just be me. Perfectly flawed and accepted. I always describe Charleston with its warm weather and warm people as the place that I had finally “found my place and found my people.”

And as I sat on that plane and began to slowly let down my guard, a flood of tears overcame me so quickly that once they started I could not stop them, no matter how mightily I tried.

I thought to myself really, now of all places? Why couldn’t I hold it together just another hour longer when my husband would be waiting to hold me in his embrace.
The next thought I had was “Get yourself together, you’re going to scare the nice young guy next to you.”

As I stood up to try to compose myself, it was all I could do to clumsily reach the flight attendant that I saw in the distance through my tear stained eyes. The next thought when I made it up the aisle was, oh good I made it. I uttered the words, “I can’t breathe I think I’m having a panic attack. “

I began to sob, barely audible, filled with grief as I tried to explain why I was so distraught. The two stewardesses stood calmly reassuring me I was ok. Allowing me to sob until it seemed there were no tears left to cry and reminding me to breathe. Two strangers, comforting me during one of my darkest hours and at my most vulnerable.

The flight attendants began telling me I could stay as long as I needed. At the end they even had me laughing, telling me I could have whatever I needed. I jokingly asked, “Anything? Can I  fly the plane?” We laughed and that was just what I needed. They were just what needed. I was glad to see I hadn’t lost my sense of humor and that God sent me those two earth angels of which I forgot to ask their names. As I returned to my seat I hugged and thanked them both.

I want to thank them again now. Their kindness meant more to me than words can say. If anyone knows who they are please share this message with them and send my gratitude and love. What happened with me is something Flight attendants see often and receive very little recognition for.  

On the way out one of them was standing at the exit, I thanked her again and she said she would be praying for me. What a loving gift I had been given and a wonderful reminder of Gods love in the form of everyday people disguised as Earth Angels.


Wishing you well on your healing journey,

Anne-Marie Wiesman

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  1. AMEN! I BELIEVE IN EARTH ANGELS and GOD SENDS MESSAGES, THROUGH PEOPLE AND FRIENDS AND UNIVERSE AND NATURE AND MUSIC, WHAT A BLESSING 🙂 Love is everything, priceless Gift, God’s Grace through Faith, God Bless You and Your family and Friends, Circle of Light, Amen

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