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EFT Tapping for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Part 2 Using Tapping for Narcissistic Partner/Spouse Abuse Recovery.

Do you feel like you’re never good enough? That you are always to blame for everything that happens in your relationship with others? Or like you just can’t seem to get it right no matter what you do when it comes to your relationships? Do you feel like you are going crazy? You may have encountered a Narcissist.
Question: How can someone use Tapping when they’ve encountered narcissists?

If you have encountered a narcissist in your life it is most likely no accident. You may have been conditioned since childhood to accept unacceptable behavior by your parents, care takers or those around you. You may have even have been raised by or with someone who is a Narcissist. The Use of EFT can help to break that conditioning as well as the unconscious beliefs you may be holding around what is acceptable and unacceptable. If unacceptable or even abusive behavior is all you have ever known it was your normal.

Once you realize it is not normal and you wish to change your life and how you are treated EFT Tapping can help you accomplish this by releasing the energetic blocks that occur with what I like to refer to as the saying goes “death by a thousand cuts” which is what occurs in Narcissistic Abuse. EFT Tapping can specifically be used to expose and change hidden negative beliefs that were passed onto you about:

1.What is acceptable behavior.
2.How you deserve to be treated.
3.Who holds the power and control in your life, you or others?

Narcissists thrive on power, control and conflict. They will use many means to obtain it including tactics such as gas lighting, manipulation, guilt, rage and pouting. You are not alone you can recover and heal from Narcissistic Abuse.

Bringing you Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope in your recovery.
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Anne-Marie Wiesman

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