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EFT Tapping around the issue of shame

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          EFT Tapping for this issue of shame carried from childhood sexual abuse. Bringing you Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope in your recovery. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my videos and share them with others. Wishing you well on your healing Journey! Anne-Marie Wiesman To follow me: https://www.facebook.com/followyoursong Twitter:FollowYourSong Pinterest:Followyoursong Instagram:FollowYourSong Or check out ...

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Releasing the shame

I’m reposting this blog for those who didn’t see it to go along with the EFT tapping video I just released on Tapping on shame. I’ve decided that I’m ready to release some shame I’ve been carrying for very long time. I’ve not told the┬ástory I’m about to share with anyone other than my husband. When I was 6 years ...

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Talk about it!

Abuse, I never talked about it, any of it. It was my dirty little secret. My shame that I carried with me everywhere I went. I was dirty, because what I had done was dirty and wrong. In my family, possibly like yours, everything was swept under the rug. It wasn’t talked about and if you did talk about it, ...

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