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Gifts as a Domestic Violence Survivor

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and for the last day, I would like to share a bit of my story to hopefully encourage and bring hope to others who are facing challenging times. There have been amazing gifts that have emerged in my life that I sincerely believe would have never come had it not been for the incredible pain ...

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EFT Tapping on the feeling of powerlessness

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In this video we explore the feeling of powerlessness and being taught to give away our power. I hope that you will find this video helpful in exploring the dis-empowering beliefs that may have been passed onto and that it will hopefully help to release those beliefs and replace them with feelings of empowerment, along with the realization of just ...

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Are you a victim or a survivor?

Written by Anne-Marie Wiesman Victim, it’s an interesting word. At first it can make you feel validated for the hell you have been through, but as you work through your recovery it can end up making you feel offended rather than validated. For example when I confronted my Narcissistic mother over the phone about her not coming to my wedding ...

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I write the next chapter

Published picture quote from www.followyoursong.com       Make sure it is you that writes the next chapter of your life~ let’s not give anyone else that power. I know I gave away my power out of fear for a long time, but never again will I live that way. Wishing you well on your healing journey Anne-Marie Wiesman  

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Follow Your Song

Welcome! Thank you for visiting “Follow your Song,” My name is Anne-Marie Wiesman. My goal is to create a community of survivors of all forms of abuse. A community of survivors who can support, learn and heal together through the use of EFT tapping and other healing techniques. A place where survivors can share stories of hope, inspiration and healing ...

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Hello world!

Welcome to Follow Your Song! My blog was created to share some personal stories, some client stories and some inspirational stories that you will hopefully relate to regarding Childhood sexual abuse, Narcissistic abuse and Domestic violence. I will share information about recovery and healing from all forms of abuse. Also, stories about people who are making a difference out there through their work involving Childhood sexual abuse, ...

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