Tapping Into Awakening

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Tapping into Awakening
by Anne-Marie Wiesman

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique or as some refer to it as “Tapping” is a new form of energy psychology being used by EFT Practitioners all over the world, as well as many psychologists and even doctors to help with emotional, mental and physical issues. It is similar to acupressure, or acupuncture, but without the needles. Through the use of your fingertips, one lightly taps various points located on the head, face and body. It is referred to as emotional acupuncture or emotional acupressure. Like Acupressure, EFT is based on the Chinese meridian energy system. We are made up of energy and our bodies can have energetic or emotional blocks. These blocks can occur with everyday hurts or for more extreme conditions such as trauma and abuse. Many people are told to not talk about it, instead to stuff it down and not feel anything. The pain has to go somewhere. This is how these emotional or energetic blocks can occur. EFT helps to release the blocks.

Tapping on the EFT points through the process of gently tapping on these meridians allows the body’s physical energy system to engage with the mind and this helps achieve alignment between the two. EFT works with our natural Mind-Body connection. Tapping on specific acupressure or EFT tapping points, while focusing on a problem or unpleasant physical sensation helps to alleviate or lift the associated feeling or emotional component. After all, the word we use is emotion, which equals energy in motion. Stuck, blocked or pent up negative energy in our bodies can be the root cause of all sorts of mental and/or physical problems.
EFT can help release the blocked emotions releasing the energy, resulting in relief for the individual. Negative feelings and emotions that are stuck can cause a disruption in the body’s energy circuits. When these circuits are disrupted or blocked, we do not function at our best. Using EFT helps reduce and can even remove energetic distress in the body. This can have a profound and pleasant effect on attitude, perception, relationships, creativity, career, abundance and health!

EFT has been clinically proven to be effective in treating many things that keep us from having a healthier happier life. It has been shown to be effective for depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, low self- esteem, fears, phobias, depression, addictive behaviors, confidence issues, weight loss, weight management, unhealthy habits, changing limiting thinking and beliefs and abuse recovery.
Properly applied by a trained EFT practitioner, over 80% of the clients treated with EFT achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem. Many people, as well as some therapists and even doctors, believe that it may be the missing piece in the health and wellness puzzle through the research now available showing the importance of the mind/body connection.

Who can benefit from Learning and using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Most people experience relief and relaxation the first time they try EFT, while others need a little more practice. Even when you are just learning the mechanics of the basic tapping process, you will feel EFT “taking the edge off” of the problem, and you’ll likely experience an improvement in your mood.

Many people who start out using EFT may be cut off from their emotions which they may have had to suppress for survival reasons or just to co-exist in their family systems. It may be hard for them to even know exactly what it is they are feeling, let alone verbalize it. This is where a trained practitioner can be useful. A practitioner can be useful in getting to the root of the problem. A metaphor for the process is, you can cut down all the branches of the tree, but if you don’t remove it at the root, it will just grow back again and possibly even larger. This is similar to people who do recovery work for addiction and just end up replacing one addiction for another or people who do weight loss, only to gain it back again, because the root of the overeating or addiction has not been dealt with.

In my own recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse, Narcissistic Abuse and Domestic Violence I had tried all the traditional forms of therapy and while they had brought some relief, it was not until I discovered EFT and worked with a practitioner that my recovery and life really began to change. That was when true healing began for me. The results were so dramatic that I decided to get the training myself. My hope was to bring EFT Tapping to other survivors like me in hope that they would find recovery and healing as well. I hope you will try it for yourself and find some healing and recovery through its use.

Wising you well on your healing journey,

Anne-Marie Wiesman

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