Amazing healing experience

I worked with Anne-Marie using EFT Tapping followed by hypnosis for a medical issue I was facing regarding fears I was having around an upcoming scan for a spot on my lung. Through the use of the EFT Tapping Anne-Marie was able to remove my fears around the spot and replace them with a belief that my body had the ability to heal itself, which I already believed, but it was nice to have that belief reinforced. At the end of my EFT Tapping session Anne-Marie said she was overcome by a strong desire to do hypnosis for the spot on my lung and asked if I would be open to doing it, I said yes. As I was brought into hypnosis she focused on doing a healing hypnosis with a healing white light focused on the spot on my lung. After about a minute of the white light being focused on the spot on my lung, I began to cough uncontrollably and in turn popped myself right out of hypnosis. I continued coughing as Anne-Marie grabbed me a glass of water and the coughing subsided. I was a little in shock as we both looked at each other a bit stunned at what had just occurred. We ended the session with her reassurance that my body knows exactly what to do to heal itself and a hug. I told Anne-Marie I would be having a second scan in  couple weeks and she asked that I please let her know how it went. A week and a half later as I sat for my scan I felt surprisingly calm. During my scan the doctor said to me “Debbie I don’t know what has happened, but the spot is completely gone.” I couldn’t wait to let Anne-Marie know! Anne-Marie has a special gift and I am grateful to have worked with her and to have receive the wonderful healing experience that I had.

Debbie Bernard

January 4, 2016

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