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Anne-Marie Wiesman is a Tapping Expert, Energy Healer and Author. She is trained as an EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner. As the Founder of Follow Your Song her website, blog, Facebook Page and YouTube channel were all created to bring Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope to survivors of all forms of Abuse including Narcissistic.


She is a childhood sexual abuse survivor, domestic violence survivor, Narcissistic abuse survivor and is now an advocate who specializes in working with Abuse Survivors. She became a certified EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner after she overcame her debilitating PTSD through these healing modalities. Anne-Marie’s You Tube Channel – Follow Your Song  provides Tapping videos which focus on utilizing EFT Tapping and other healing modalities as a part of recovery from abuse. Her mission is to help other survivors heal and recover. One way she hopes to do this is by sharing all that she has learned on her recovery journey.


She began her Blog in 2014 and received immediate recognition as an advocate and activist for abuse survivors. She was asked to write for other blogs including Change Your Thoughts, Awakening People, The Hurt Healer, The Guided Mind and was honored to be asked to have her work included as a part of the launch for The Wellness Universe website and blog.


Anne-Marie has been a supporter of Project Light Rwanda for many years in which EFT Tapping was used in the recovery of Rwanda Genocide Survivors and she now works with Dr. Lori Leyden, the founder of Project Light Rwanda and Create Global Healing. She is also a proud supporter and volunteer for The Mama Bear Effect which brings awareness to childhood sexual abuse.


Anne-Marie is an EFT Tapping expert and was interviewed By The Tapping Solution, which was founded by Nick Ortner. Anne-Marie’s interview included a four part series on Narcissistic Abuse which she later turned into a book along with EFT Tapping scripts and EFT Tapping videos to share with other survivors of Narcissistic Abuse.


Her most recent interviews include an interview by Annmarie Gianni skin care, as a part of their Beautiful Voices series and a radio interview by America Meditating radio which led to her being asked to be a part of Oprah’s belief team and included a phone call with Oprah which was a dream come true for Anne-Marie, as she has admired Oprah since she was a child when she saw Oprah speak about her own childhood sexual abuse, which was a big turning point for Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie is available for Interviews and speaking engagements.

* Photo credit to Sarah Hinchey Photography – www.sarahhinchey.com

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